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"After the dispensation of salvation

After the dispensation of salvation has entered into a region or a city, there are times of refreshing...times of restoration...times of reformation...times of rebuilding...times of revival...times of awakening." says The Lord "I have initiated a great apostolic movement of salvation which shall be birth from Houston then to the nations. My Sent Ones whom I have kept in a waiting period and in a preparation period training in desert/wilderness regions and in desolate places are being gathered together for a meeting of dispersing assignments, that they may be given new orders...new directions...new assignments...new tasks...great task I tell you, for I am shifting their ministries...their focuses...their mandates and accountability. I will give unto them more responsibilities according to the grace given to them to meet this obligation. Yes this is the season whereby I will be exalting some for they have been put through the fire and THEY ARE READY", says The Lord

Pastor Donnell