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Make room for God to perform readjustments

To flow at the pace of God, to move at the heartbeat of God and to follow the trajectory of God, you must allow God to work on you, you must allow God to operate on you, you must make room for God to perform readjustments, realignments, repositioning, transitioning and a shifting in your life; thereby, allowing these adjustments to clean up and purge your life, so you may bear more fruit...opening up areas in your life for expansion, so you may be an instrument of righteousness, a vessel of holiness, a tool for honorable use, a device for special use, set apart from among them, useful for the Master and prepared for every good work. If you can leave room for adjustments in you and in your life, then you will see change, transformation, increase AND EXPERIENCE A MIGHTY HARVEST? Glory to The Lamb of God!

Pastor Donnell