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True faith in God is a mission setter

A person with True Faith in God is a mission setter and a journey establisher...a risk taker and an assignment go-getter...a trial-plower and an issue overcomer...a wall-climber and a wall breaker...a barrier destroyer and an obstacle remover...a sight builder and an eye-opener...a strength-giver and a journey motivator...Because true faith in God plows through adversity and takes big leaps, jumps and risks at the Word of God...True faith in God does not stop because of problems, circumstances or issues that may arise, spring up, develop or manifest, but a person with true faith presses even harder to finish and accomplish the mission...Why?...Because true unshakable faith in God maneuvers around, shatters and demolishes into pieces opposition and adversities...How?...By taking leaps and jumps of faith into the arms of God; for indeed, they know that God will catch them and not abandon them...Yes...A person with true faith in God never gives up, never retreats and never surrenders, but steps higher...climbs harder...reaches farther...knowing and believing from the heart that God can do the impossible! Believe! Believe! Believe! in Jesus Name! Amen

Pastor Donnell